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The ZoomExperts Accelerator opens up a new learning experience for making the best use of Zoom. Find answers fast. Get right to work. Grab tips and techniques even while in a meeting. To the point. Done.

Watch Quick Video Guides

Self-guided video demos of numerous tips and tricks to get up to speed with professional use-cases of Zoom

Account and Signup

There are different tiers for Zoom accounts. This section maps these out in detail so you can make the right choice for yourself.

Video Done Right

Knowing how to get your video to look good will earn you the respect of your peers. Follow these guides and demos on how to achieve the best look possible.

Inviting Others

There are a few ways to invite people. Take a look at these demos.

Screen Sharing

The oldest trick in the remote collaboration book. There are nuances that you want to learn so your meeting will be concise. Learn to share like a pro in Zoom.


Once you have an account, you are ready to launch your first Zoom meeting. Check out the tips and tricks to make it great.

Audio Done Right

Good communicators sound good. On Zoom, you can take steps to get the best sounding audio possible. Follow these tips and demos to learn how.

Recording Meetings

Recording is a very powerful feature offered to all account tiers. Learn the ins and outs of this facility and you will be a content star in no time flat.

Present Like a Pro

Powerpoint is still the tool of choice for presentations. In Zoom, there are subtle but impactful approachs one can take to deliver presentations like a Pro on Zoom.

Go Deeper

In commercial use-cases for Zoom, there are several deeper topics that you can learn about in the next level of the Accelerator

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